Strength and Rigidity: The Benefits of Using Corrugated Packaging for Shipping

Corrugated boxes are one of the foundations of timely, efficient shipping and storage, and SUPPLY POINTe is happy to offer some of the best products in the business.

Through contracts with some of the largest corrugated packaging companies in the work, SUPPLY POINTe makes it our goal to provide flexible packaging programs and timely responses.

SUPPLY POINTe manufactures corrugated materials to your specifications, as well as offers tapes, wraps and other products to customers. We know that the arch–the shape corrugated materials rely upon–is the strongest way to span any given space, and when using corrugated shipping containers, one should ask themselves a few important questions before they settle on a product:

  • What is the nature of the products being packaged?
  • What is the total weight of the corrugated box?
  • What is the size of the corrugated box?
  • How will the box be stacked, stored and transported?

Corrugated flutes are the wave-like patterns between the two outer layers, making up the bulk of the board. They are also the elements of the corrugated design that give the system such rigidity and crushing/stacking strength. As well as providing strength, the flutes also add an element of insulation that can help protect the materials inside the corrugated box from drastic changes in temperature. In rough terms, the larger flutes provider greater strength and cushioning, while the smaller flutes are easier for printing and folding.

We also carry a full line of corrugated sheets.

For more information about the custom corrugated boxes SUPPLY POINTe can provide, for Midwest – Cincinnati corrugated boxes or Southeast – Charlotte corrugated boxesfill out our contact form or call one of our offices: (980) 355-0348 in Charlotte, North Carolina, and (513) 697- 8942 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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