Why Pallets are Critical to Shipping and Logistics

Often overlooked, pallets are actually one of the most critical components in a successful logistics plan — and they should be prioritized near the top of your company’s list when considering what supplies are vital to your overall storage, shipping and handling strategy.

Pallets fill an important role in nearly every industry around the globe, with the type, construction and usage of pallets having a huge influence on many operational aspects including loading time, quality control, worker safety and labor control, along with shipping costs and efficiencies.

SUPPLY POINTe, a leading supplier of quality shipping supplies including wood pallets, plastic pallets, Euro pallets and custom pallets, knows just how important pallets are when it comes to running your business as smoothly and cost-efficiently as possible.

Pallets shorten loading and unloading times

Whether you order wood pallets, plastic pallets or custom pallets from SUPPLY POINTe, they will provide you the efficiency in transportation your company needs by allowing items to be moved in bulk, cutting loading times dramatically. SUPPLY POINTe pallets also give shippers the ability to stack product in a compact and organized manner, including items of different sizes and shapes.

Strong and safe transportation

The construction and strength of wood pallets, plastic pallets, euro pallets and custom pallets afford the loading without damage, along with the protection of items in storage and shipment. Shippers can feel confident as the product is secure for the duration of storage and transportation along with being off the ground, helping to limit the risk of contamination from water, dirt and other corrosives.

Safe worker and plant conditions

Poorly built and improperly loaded pallets present a hazard to the people loading and shipping the items, with falling, splintering and breaking pallets possibly presenting a safety risk to workers. Quality pallets purchased from SUPPLY POINTe, along with proper employee loading training will help cut down tremendously on unnecessary accidents and injury.

The minimization and elimination of manual labor

Multiple items properly packaged and secured can be effectively and safely loaded and unloaded with minimal effort by a forklift. The utilization of pallets allows for the use of forklifts and other material handling equipment, eliminating the need to use manual labor to move product in these situations. This not only cuts down on labor costs, but can also reduce injury potential associated with the heavy and repetitive lifting necessary in such tasks.

Consolidation and reduction of shipping costs

As a shipper, the more product that you are able to safely stack on a SUPPLY POINTe pallet, the lower your shipping costs become. Consolidated parts stacked upon compact and uniform pallets take up less shipping area, helping reduce your freight totals and ultimately, boosting your bottom line.

SUPPLY POINTe is here to be your pallet company!

Our experienced pallet consultants are available to help you determine the best type and size of pallets for your specific needs. Call us about wood pallets, plastic pallets, euro pallets or custom pallets in the southeast region (Charlotte, N.C.) at (513) 315-6307, in the Midwest region (Cincinnati, Ohio) at (513) 403-4943, or request a free quote today.

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