pallets inside warehouse for support materiel

Often overlooked, pallets are actually one of the most critical components in a successful logistics plan — and they should be prioritized near the top of your company’s list when considering what supplies are vital to your overall storage, shipping and handling strategy. Pallets fill an important role in nearly every industry around the globe, […]

large bulk bags loaded with seed on pallets

Bulk bags are industrial containers designed for storing and transporting free-flowing dry goods such as sand or powder. A staple of the shipping industry, bulk bags offer a wide range of uses and are designed to safely transport small materials by conducting varying levels of static. Bulk bag customers experience heightened flexibility, unrivaled strength and […]

worker scanning package in the warehouse

Package optimization can lighten your workload while also making you more appealing to consumers. A smart and fairly simple improvement to make, package optimization involves finding the corrugated box, Gaylord boxes or bulk bag that best accommodates your shipments. Using your packaging in a more efficient way can save you money and manpower, and the […]

Boxes on conveyor belt

Whether your product is being shipped through the city or across the globe, there are multiple opportunities for your shipment to be damaged. From water hazards to careless handlers, to crushed packages and unstable shipping stacks, your packages face a wide range of punishing circumstances. However, your customers expect these packages to emerge from the […]

pallets inside warehouse for support materiel

Businesses that store and ship products and raw materials on pallets are wise to keep additional pallets handy at their location. Sure, you know exactly how many pallets you’ll need at any given time. However, every logistics and shipping manager also knows that the situation can change at the drop of a hat and you’ll […]

Group of IBC Totes

Think about drinking a plastic bottle of water. When you finish your liquid refreshment, you have three options. You can throw the bottle in a garbage can, where it is destined for a landfill. You can toss the bottle in the recycling bin, where it’s converted to a new plastic substance. Or, you can save […]

stack of pallets

Need wood pallets in Charlotte N.C.? Or how about wood pallets in Cincinnati Ohio? Either way, SUPPLY POINTe has you covered. We are a family-owned company that helps manufacturers and transportation companies in Charlotte and Cincinnati with all their shipping-related product and service needs. At SUPPLY POINTe, we buy and sell pallets, enabling us to […]

Worker Counting Stocks in warehouse for inventory control

An out-of-stock item is annoying for customers, but it’s a nightmare for retailers. Poor warehouse product management leads to lost sales and damaged reputations. Having too little inventory means risking potential sales. Too much inventory is costly, taking up space and holding up cash flow. Likewise, having a disorganized warehouse with unmarked and misplaced Gaylord […]

warehouse with gaylord boxes

For manufacturers distributing raw materials in bulk quantity, Gaylord boxes are a necessity. These large, super-sturdy containers allow businesses to ship liquids, gels, powders and all sorts of materials efficiently and safely. Gaylord boxes are corrugated cardboard or plastic boxes that are very durable under normal-use conditions, making them reusable. This allows you to purchase […]

Do you ever find yourself needing to ship an item that simply won’t fit inside a box trailer? Well, sometimes, you just need to think outside the truck. If what you need to ship won’t fit, or you’re facing pick-up and drop-off difficulties, a flatbed trailer might be your solution. Flatbed trailers are ideal for […]