Top Uses for Bulk Bags: Who Orders Them and Why?

Bulk bags are industrial containers designed for storing and transporting free-flowing dry goods such as sand or powder. A staple of the shipping industry, bulk bags offer a wide range of uses and are designed to safely transport small materials by conducting varying levels of static. Bulk bag customers experience heightened flexibility, unrivaled strength and more efficient loading and transportation.

If you need to move large amounts of sand, grain or chemical materials, your company could be making use of bulk bags for a more productive shipping experience. Read below for SUPPLY POINTe’s best recommended bulk bag industries and uses.

The food industry uses bulk bags

Goods transported by the food industry are likely to be flakey, granular, or powdery products. The U.S. alone produced nearly 1 billion bushels of winter, spring, and durum wheat during the 2016-2017 season, the majority of which must be shipped across the country or exported to other countries. Flexibility and strength, two qualities that make bulk bag shipping solutions stand out, are important components of the food industry due to the volume and nature of its specific shipping needs. Other goods frequently transported by this industry include sugar, seed, nuts, potatoes and flour. SUPPLY POINTe’s food grade bulk bags are also compliant with food safety standards set by the AIB, BRC, and the Global Food Safety Initiative.

SUPPLY POINTe supplies bulk bags to the construction industry

The versatility offered by bulk bags makes this shipping solution optimal for many construction and industrial shipping needs. For an industry that deals disproportionately in heavy loads and irregularly shaped goods, bulk bags are a versatile shipping container that offers construction workers superior strength. Potential uses for bulk bags within industrial fields include gravel, cement, resin, pellets, minerals, slag and clay. Bulk bags provided by SUPPLY POINTe can withstand between 2,000 and 3,000 pounds each.

How bulk bags benefit the chemical industry

The range of bulk bag varieties designed to withstand electric charge and hazardous materials are optimal for shipping chemical industry goods. Those in the chemical industry do not have the flexibility to ship their materials in Gaylord boxes. SUPPLY POINTe offers Type A, B, C and D bulk bag fabrics, each designed to handle and dissipate different levels of static electricity. In particular, Type C and D bags are optimal for this use. Type C is woven from non-conductive polypropylene fabrics in a grid pattern with a grounding point, while Type D is woven from antistatic and static dissipative fabric which prevents sparks and discharges without a need for grounding. In addition, chemical industries can rely on SUPPLY POINTe’s UN-rated hazardous waste removal bulk bags for transporting dangerous materials in a certified and safe container.

Do you need pallets for your bulk bags? Supply Pointe carries a full line of pallets including wooden, plastic, custom, euro pallets and more.

Whether your company relies on bulk bags for shipping grain, gravel or flammable substances, there’s a bulk bag to fit your needs. Contact SUPPLY POINTe today and we can help you decide what kinds of bulk bags would be best for your operation. For bulk bags in the Midwest – Cincinnati, call (513) 403-4943 or in the Southeast – Charlotte, call (513) 315-6307 or fill out a contact us form and we will get a quote back to you right away!

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