Custom Pallets

When just the right pallet will do.

When Only the Right Pallet Will Do

We serve any industry that needs product moved. So we’ve seen plenty of oddities and extremely specific pallet needs. If you’re in this predicament, know that you’re not alone and that help is ready and available for you!

Overweight Projects

Standard pallets are strong, but even the best 48x40 won’t stand up to certain overweight products. We often see this in industrial settings where supplies as well as finished product is so dense that conventional pallets won’t handle the weight. SUPPLY POINTe can provide the right pallet for your weight needs.

Maximize Warehouse Space

We know the struggle. We’ve seen warehouses with oversized objects being stored, and even shipped, on multiple pallets simply because they didn’t have the right pallet for the job. Whether your product is a very specific shape, or you’d like to maximize the efficiency of your warehouse, custom pallets can be a great solution.


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