IBC Totes

Premium liquid storage.

No Better Way to Store Bulk Liquid

Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) are large, plastic containers surrounded by a protective metal cage with a faucet to dispense liquid. These tanks are stackable and reusable, making them perfect for either long-term storage or regular liquid dispensation.

Common Uses
for IBC Totes

IBC Totes are often used to store industrial liquids and chemicals in a factory or warehouse setting. However, they are also used for storing water. This is perfect for outdoor job sites where water is needed for either drinking or for projects that require large amounts of water. 

Using IBC

IBC Totes can weigh over 2000 pounds, so it’s important that your staff is trained on the protocols when stacking IBCs. Also, if used for storing drinking water, be aware that water will become toxic when stored too long in plastic containers. The rule of thumb is to replace any water that’s been stored as long as 6 months, and to be safe, don’t drink any water if you suspect it’s become toxic. It’s better to be safe and simply refill it.


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