Gaylord Boxes

Pallet sized cardboard boxes for larger containment.

Versatile Storage & Shipping Options

In the U.S. and Canada, the term gaylord is sometimes used for triple wall corrugated boxes — this is due to the first bulk bins being manufactured by the original Gaylord Container Company of St. Louis, which was acquired by Crown Zellerbach of San Francisco in 1955.

These boxes are pallet-sized and can be used with or without lids. This option is great for either containing many smaller boxes or loose goods. We carry a full line of new and used Gaylord boxes for sale.

Low Prices & Recycling Pallets

Through our recycling and buy-back programs, we collect Gaylord boxes and totes from customers and vendors at such high volumes and low costs that we can price them back to industry well under market value.

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