International Shipping

Ship to anywhere on Earth.

Navigating the Globe

As well as offering reliable domestic shipping, SUPPLY POINTe also opens up the whole world to the products you need shipped. The international cargo industry can be difficult to deal with if you don’t have the experience or connections. Let us take all that stress off of your shoulders by taking care of your international shipping needs for you.


One of our primary providers is a global transportation system with a network of independent agents and capacity specialists who provide customized solutions across air, land, and sea. Anywhere you need to ship product, we can make sure it gets there safely.

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Get involved in the shipping industry by learning more about what we do and how we can work together to do it better!

Air Freight

All air shipments are pre-booked to make sure your product gets on its way promptly. We use both cargo and commercial carriers to maximize booking options. Shipments are moved “back-to-back” for faster delivery. Every shipment is monitored and periodically updated to get it delivered on time.

Ocean Shipping

Get your cargo where it needs to go with ocean shipping. Our company offers worry-free services for your international import and export shipping needs. If you’ve had any issues with expenses, tracking, communication, coordinating, consolidating or shipping, SUPPLY POINTe is the solution you need.

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