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On Time, Over the Road

Over 70% of goods in the US are shipped via truck. This means you need a reliable provider to get your product from A to B. We have an impressive amount of access to covered trailers and flatbeds and currently service hundreds of customers throughout all of the 48 continental US states/Canada/Mexico. This demonstrates the success we have earned when it comes to on-time delivery services.


(Full Truck Load)

Because FTL is a dedicated service, it does usually cost more than LTL shipments. The benefit, however, is the peace of mind in knowing your cargo is staying in the same truck from point A to point B, that it’s safe the entire time, and that it’s going to get where it needs to go efficiently.

We respond to the needs of customers by utilizing innovative technology and equipment that provides superior and comprehensive freight solutions, globally and domestically, in an efficient and cost-effective way. 

Temperature Controlled

Some cargo requires special handling via controlled temperature transit or temperature-controlled warehousing. SUPPLY POINTe agents have access to specialized-equipped trucks, including heat treated pallets and refrigerated transport vans that will keep your cargo at exactly the right temperature, especially for those in the food industry.


SUPPLY POINTe carriers deliver on time, cost effective flatbed services throughout the United States. 


(Less Than Truck Load)

SUPPLY POINTe delivers the capacity that delivers the goods. That means all of the goods, all of the time, including those requiring less than truckload (LTL). Web-based solutions help manage your less than truckload van operations, to select your own carriers, or use qualified carriers at pre-negotiated rates. We can also mix and match options to build a customized solution to fit your needs.

Competitive rates and transit times for LTL shipping ensure cost-effective service.

LTL trucking experts can help you determine the best route, at the best price, to meet your specific business needs. Unlike other LTL companies, we’re your full service capacity provider.

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Heavy Haul

SUPPLY POINTe agents have access to everything you need to provide specialized transport solutions.

  • Stepdeck and flatbed trailers.

  • Lowboys that can handle heavy haul loads of 40 to 80 tons.

  • Internet technology that matches our heavy haul trucks and equipment with your freight, ensuring you get safe, responsive customer service.

  • SUPPLY POINTe agents are uniquely equipped to handle all your specialized hauling needs. Our unparalleled commitment to safety makes us the obvious choice when it comes to heavy or oversized freight. We have access to vendors that utilize specialized equipment such as double drops, extendable, removable goosenecks, multi-axles, steerable, Schnabel trailers, and the ability to mix and match combinations.


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