Pallet Services

We do more than just buy & sell pallets.

Complete Pallet Services

SUPPLY POINTe offers complete pallet services from start to finish. This includes picking up wood waste and recycling it, sourcing new lumber to create brand-new pallets, and making sure each new pallet is compliant with domestic and international standards.

Heat Treating

International shipment of pallets requires compliance with International Standards For Phytosanitary Measures No. 15 (ISPM 15) to prevent the spread of diseases and non-native insects. We sell pallets that have been debarked and heat-treated, then stamped or branded with the ISMP mark of compliance.


We have an abundant inventory of new pine and hardwood lumber materials as well. We can provide new lumber, or a combination of new and recycled lumber material to your custom specifications and also provide heat treated lumber for international shipping, so pallets can get your products overseas too.

Wood Waste Removal

Take advantage of our pallet removal program where we haul away your facility’s wood waste and pallets, free of charge, every time we deliver to your door. We will also entertain applying a credit or buy back program if the pallets you return are in repairable condition.

Pallet Removal

Have extra pallets you'd like taken off your hands? We're happy to come pick them up!

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Storage &
Drop Trailers

We offer on-time deliveries and courtesy drop pallet trailers. This often includes a courtesy dropped trailer at your facility for storing your delivered pallets or wood waste free. When you’re ready, we’ll swing by and pick up your trailer.

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