48x40 Pallets

Your solid standby.

The Standard
Pallet Size

The Standard Pallet Size

Most of the time, when you think of pallets, you’re thinking about 48x40 pallets. Other names for this pallet are the grocery pallet or even the standard pallet. That’s because the grocery industry was instrumental in standardizing pallets to make their regular shipments easier. You can be sure that SUPPLY POINTe is a reliable supplier of 48x40 pallets.


48x40 Pallets

As the standard North American pallet, you can be sure that brand-new 48x40s are available in your area. Learn more about how you can get brand-new pallets from SUPPLY POINTe.


48x40 Pallets

The prevalence of this pallet makes recycling all the easier. This means savings for you! Wherever you are, whenever you need them, we can supply recycled 48x40 pallets to your location.

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