Industrial Bulk Bags

Fluid and powder storage containers.

Strength & Flexibility

If you’re looking for more ways to contain and move materials around your warehouse, bulk bags might offer the strength and flexibility you need. The shipping and logistics experts at SUPPLY POINTe can recommend the safest and most appropriate use of bulk bags, in order to ensure careful handling throughout the storing and shipping processes. From small to large quantities, we can fill almost any order in a timely manner, ensuring you don’t miss a moment of production or shipping time.

Why Bulk Bags?

Bulk bags are used to contain materials that have fluid properties, such as grain and sand. They can generally withstand weights of 2,000 to 3,000 lbs. Because the fast flow of millions of particles can cause a buildup of static electricity, bulk bags contain properties to reduce this buildup, which could otherwise result in an explosion and/or fire. The multiple grades of bulk bags — A, B, C and D — indicate the bags’ abilities to dissipate the static, using materials with varying levels of conductivity.

Advantages of
Bulk Bags

Bulk bags offer several advantages in warehousing and shipping:

  • Efficient and practical to load and unload, shift and transport
  • Provide flexibility not offered by rigid containers
  • Offer superior strength and performance


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