How Package Optimization Benefits Your Business

Package optimization can lighten your workload while also making you more appealing to consumers. A smart and fairly simple improvement to make, package optimization involves finding the corrugated box, Gaylord boxes or bulk bag that best accommodates your shipments. Using your packaging in a more efficient way can save you money and manpower, and the pros at SUPPLY POINTe can help you get there.

How does package optimization work?

The first step in optimizing your packaging is ensuring you have the right shipping materials. Whether you’re shipping a bowling ball, a pillow or computer, each item has a perfect packaging solution. But it’s likely that you’re shipping many different items. For that reason it is best to get your packaging supplies from a company with a variety of options.

By assessing the most effective way to ship each item, SUPPLY POINTe can help you cut down on unused space in each package. You’ll save money on packaging material without sacrificing quality for your customer. In fact, they’ll probably thank you! By saving money on the front end you’ll be able to lower shipping costs, pleasing your clients and generating new business. Plus, clients will know their item will always be packed smartly.

The savings extend to the logistics of shipping multiple items together. When you\’re preparing a shipment you must consider how to fit all your packages within truck space. More packages mean more weight and used up space, but not more profit. The more packages you use — and the less efficiently you use them —the more unused space you’re paying for. If you maximize space efficiency when packing a corrugated box, Gaylord box or bulk bag, you’ll pack more product into each delivery and save additional costs.

Be careful of over-optimization

While standardization of your packaging materials helps save time and money, you’ll still need a variety of packaging. But just as using the same package for every product isn’t efficient, using different boxes for every product makes things too specialized and complex. Just because you’re able to use one package fit an order doesn’t mean it will work for the next one. SUPPLY POINTe can help you find a balance, so you have the packaging you need to be efficient.

Packaging optimization can save a business significant costs. It can save money on packaging, reduces the number of trucks required to move the packaging, and reduces your carbon emissions. By cutting down on all of these factors, businesses can be leaner and more profitable than ever — all it takes is thinking a little outside the box.

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