3 Steps to Prevent Product Damage During Shipment

Whether your product is being shipped through the city or across the globe, there are multiple opportunities for your shipment to be damaged. From water hazards to careless handlers, to crushed packages and unstable shipping stacks, your packages face a wide range of punishing circumstances.

However, your customers expect these packages to emerge from the shipping process as spotless and perfect as the day they were wrapped. Not sure how to manage this feat? Testing your boxes for wall support, using the right pallet and utilizing the most effective box stacking techniques can help you do everything possible to protect your product.

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Use the edge crush test to check bulk boxes or Gaylord boxes

If you’re shipping material in any kind of corrugated boxes, such as bulk boxes or Gaylord boxes, you run the risk of the sides collapsing or getting crushed if the boxes are of poor quality, stacked improperly or packed incorrectly. Before picking up the closest box, consider the strength needs warranted by the size and of your product.

Box manufacturers use an edge crush test to measure the weight a box wall can support before it collapses, and use the result rate their boxes. Single-walled corrugated boxes can be used for small and lightweight objects, but double- or triple-walled boxes should be used for larger objects. Shippers looking to add a little impact resistance to a corrugated box without moving up to a larger wall size can add single-ply corrugated roll. This material can be used to line boxes, support box walls and wrap bottles.

Get the appropriate wooden pallet for the job

While pallets can make shipping a breeze, using the wrong pallet can turn an easy task into a dangerous situation for your products. To avoid damaging goods transported on pallets, you should ensure the pallet at hand is strong enough to support your package. All pallets are not created equal, and relying on weaker pallets can significantly increase your chance for damages.

In addition, shippers should also avoid pallets without bottom boards, as these models typically fail to evenly distribute weight. Corrugated pallets should also be avoided, as they’re susceptible to absorbing moisture which can often lead to pallet deterioration.

Beware of stacking wood pallets or Gaylord boxes

Depending on box size, weight and contents, the best stacking method for preventing damage may vary. For items that are solid and rigid, an interlocking stacking pattern is the most effective method. These stacks should resemble a brick wall, with each item resting on two other items for better stability. For small and fragile boxes, however, a simple column stacking method is recommended for increased strength. When stacking items on a pallet for transportation, shipping experts recommend eliminating overhang over the pallet edge. Doing so can increase pallet and box stability by 32%.

If you’re concerned about the safety of your product while in transit, SUPPLY POINTe can provide the confidence of knowing you’re shipping with the best products and vendors. Contact us today to learn more about all of our services. For wood pallets in Charlotte, call (513) 315-6307. For wood pallets in Cincinnati, call (513) 403-4943.

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