large bulk bags loaded with seed on pallets

Bulk bags are industrial containers designed for storing and transporting free-flowing dry goods such as sand or powder. A staple of the shipping industry, bulk bags offer a wide range of uses and are designed to safely transport small materials by conducting varying levels of static. Bulk bag customers experience heightened flexibility, unrivaled strength and […]

worker scanning package in the warehouse

Package optimization can lighten your workload while also making you more appealing to consumers. A smart and fairly simple improvement to make, package optimization involves finding the corrugated box, Gaylord boxes or bulk bag that best accommodates your shipments. Using your packaging in a more efficient way can save you money and manpower, and the […]

Boxes on conveyor belt

Whether your product is being shipped through the city or across the globe, there are multiple opportunities for your shipment to be damaged. From water hazards to careless handlers, to crushed packages and unstable shipping stacks, your packages face a wide range of punishing circumstances. However, your customers expect these packages to emerge from the […]