Buy Wood Pallets in Cincinnati area from the Experts at SUPPLY POINTe

When you go in search of wooden pallets for your company in the Cincinnati area, you’re in search of a pallet supplier that has the expertise to provide the correct pallet for your product at the most economical cost. Just as importantly, these pallets must be delivered to you on time, every time. Not having the proper materials to ship your product to your customer is not just frustrating; it can cost you your customer! Using the wrong pallet can also cause safety issues if your product isn’t supported properly.

We will provide the best pallet value for your business. When you call our Midwest Region – Cincinnati office at 513-403-4943, you’ll be met with the expertise of Matthew Cahill, a shipping expert with more than 15 years experience working in the industry. He’ll talk with you about exactly what type of product you’re shipping, get its specifications and ask about any special considerations. He’ll also be wondering where and how your product will be shipped. At SUPPLY POINTe, we also offer international shipping services from anywhere to everywhere. This requires pallets to be heat treated by a licensed vendor. Pallets shipped overseas – Euro pallets, must have the proper certification or it can result in hefty fines and embargoed shipments.

Helping you make an affordable wood pallet choice for your Cincinnati area business. Very often, we recommend that our customers can use refurbished wooden pallets for their shipments. These refurbished wooden pallets can be made strong enough to withstand the load being placed upon them. at a fraction of the cost of new. SUPPLY POINTe works with many trusted vendors, so we know the refurbished pallets we provide were constructed using premium recycled wood.

For wooden pallets in Cincinnati, call SUPPLY POINTe

With our reliable vendors, experience and technology, SUPPLY POINTe offers the best option for wooden pallets in the greater Cincinnati area for international shipping or domestic transit. You can trust us to get you the best price for the most reliable wooden pallets. Call us at 513-403-4943 or contact us for a free wooden pallet quote.

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