Challenge of Recycling Industrial Waste Containers

Industrial manufacturers in the 21st century can get bogged down by regulatory oversight, which makes it difficult to abide by EPA regulations and still run a profitable company. Manufacturers are left with no choice but to do both, however, since the EPA can levy steep fines when regulatory waste laws are violated.

To take just one example, a Gary, IN scrapyard was recently fined more than $250,000 for improperly handling waste on the property. Fines of this nature can destroy industrial businesses that do not comply with regulations.

Properly recycling industrial containers is one of the greatest challenges facing the industry today, given the significant burdens imposed by the EPA. Fortunately, there are solutions that help manufacturers overcome these hindrances.

EPA Disposal Regulations

As outlined by the EPA, industrial waste is divided into two categories: hazardous waste and solid waste. Laws are created to address each broad waste category.

Depending on your manufacturing and the waste stored in your industrial waste containers, one or both of these sets of laws may apply.

To enforce these laws, the EPA routinely conducts facility inspections and takes steps to ensure compliance under their waste enforcement initiatives. In the same way taxpayers are best off avoiding an audit if at all possible, it is best to stay in the good graces of the EPA.

Complying with the ever-changing rules and regulations can be cost-prohibitive for many manufacturers though, especially since industrial waste laws are changing and moving targets. Even if a manufacturer makes huge changes to its operation to comply with regulations, even more changes can be expected in future years.

Manufacturers can alleviate this burden by leaving the recycling to a business like Supply Pointe, a company that specializes in the safe disposal of waste.

Overcoming the EPA Regulatory Burden

Manufacturers can stick to what they do best and avoid the wrath of the EPA by outsourcing waste recycling and disposal to industrial waste disposal professionals.

All you as a manufacturer needs to do is store waste in effective and safe industrial waste containers, and the waste removal expert will take care of the rest. Best of all, this will reduce the risk of waste disposal liability if the EPA comes knocking.

Supply Point provides this peace of mind to manufacturers by providing proven industrial waste disposal services that alleviate the burden of EPA pressure and keep your yard and warehouse clean. Contact Supply Point today to learn why industrial waste disposal service is the right choice for your company, and to find out more about our free IBC/Drum removal program.


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