Advantages of Using Drop Trailers

Drop trailers are designed to increase transportation and shipping efficiency while reducing costs and driver workload. There are many advantages to using drop trailers for shippers and carriers alike, especially because of new limitations recently established by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Drop trailer programs also allow for higher prioritization goods to be shuffled at the yard to ensure that supplies reach their destination when they need to. Here are some of the major advantages of using drop trailers.

  • Shipments arrive faster. A single driver can only drive so long before his or her own fatigue and FMCSA regulations force a rest stop. By opting for a drop trailer, shipments can be on the move constantly until they reach their destination. This leads to more accurate time estimates and faster shipping in general.
  • Trailers are loaded quickly. This means less downtime for prioritized shipment loads, in addition to less time loading and unloading for the drivers. Anything that improves the efficiency of shipping will lower associated costs and make it more likely the loads will arrive on time.
  • Drivers work fewer hours. It goes without saying that the transportation industry is notorious for its long hours. Not only do drivers not want to be on the road longer than they have to be, but there are also regulations regarding how long they can be on the road at any given time. Drivers can choose to work fewer hours by going through a drop point rather than attempting to deliver a load in a single trip.
  • Better value. By prioritizing packages along the shipping line, shippers are able to provide better service to their clientele, leaning to improved customer satisfaction. Not only can high priority packages be rushed up the line, but lower priority packages can also be shipped more affordably, giving customers the ability to control their own pricing.
  • Storage/Inventory. Drop trailers can store your product without taking up precious warehouse space and can provide safety stock so that production is never interrupted.

Are you interested in learning more about drop trailer programs? Here at SUPPLY POINTe, we operate an independent sales company that specializes in providing logistics, transportation and inventory management services to optimize your business operations. Give us a call today to find out how we can streamline your business.

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