Use SUPPLY POINTe When Buying Wood Pallets in Charlotte or Cincinnati

Need wood pallets in Charlotte N.C.? Or how about wood pallets in Cincinnati Ohio? Either way, SUPPLY POINTe has you covered. We are a family-owned company that helps manufacturers and transportation companies in Charlotte and Cincinnati with all their shipping-related product and service needs.

At SUPPLY POINTe, we buy and sell pallets, enabling us to offer the best deals to our customers. We work with a number of vendors on a variety of pallet sizes and types, including recycled pallets, wood pallets and plastic pallets.

Many manufacturing companies and warehouse managers know exactly what kind of pallets they need, while others need guidance on which pallet is best suited for their needs at an affordable rate. If you need help deciding what pallets to buy or sell, contact SUPPLY POINTe for a free quote, and consider these top tips for pallet purchasing power:

What kind of wood pallets should I buy?

There are many options when it comes to pallets, and the best choice isn’t always obvious. Often, companies need standard 48×40-inch pallets, but SUPPLY POINTe can also help you create custom pallets of a shape and size that’s better for your purpose. International shipments require heat-treated pallets, which prevent the transmission of foreign insects and microbes. These pallets have a special stamp that is checked by customs officials in transit. For international shipments, we’ll connect you with Euro pallets, which meet European standard sizes. Some companies also choose plastic pallets for their stackable and fire retardant qualities.

With years of experience and extensive industry contacts, we’ve learned the best ways to buy and sell pallets for maximum efficiency. We’re the best resource for knowing what wood pallets Charlotte businesses need, and what wood pallets Cincinnati businesses need.

How many wood pallets do I need?

Wood pallets come in full-truckload and partial-truckload quantities, but consider that a partial-truckload order usually comes with an “empty space” fee. To avoid this, it may be smart to order more wood pallets than you need right now. Also, only ordering exactly the number of wood pallets you need at the moment leaves you no overage or room for error. Having pallets on-hand allows you to use them when you need them, offers better inventory control. If you don’t have warehouse space for extra wood pallets, you can store them in a trailer on your property or find pallet storage solutions.

Can I use recycled wood pallets?

Maybe you’ve never considered recycled wood pallets because you’re worried they won’t be as sturdy or work as well as new pallets. The truth is, good-quality recycled wood pallets — also known as refurbished wood pallets — are tested to determine their weight capacity. This rating system allows SUPPLY POINTe to advise customers on the appropriate recycled wood pallet for their needs. While your pallets must withstand the weight of a shipment, you don’t want to “overbuy” and purchase pallets that are better quality than needed. SUPPLY POINTe helps you get the right wood pallets, every time.

Contact SUPPLY POINTe for Wood Pallets in Charlotte and Cincinnati

Whether or not you know what pallets you need, the helpful logistics professionals at SUPPLY POINTe will get your pallet order delivered accurately and on-time. Contact us today for a free pallet quote.

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