With So Many Gaylord Boxes to Choose From, What Kind Do You Need?

For manufacturers distributing raw materials in bulk quantity, Gaylord boxes are a necessity. These large, super-sturdy containers allow businesses to ship liquids, gels, powders and all sorts of materials efficiently and safely.

Gaylord boxes are corrugated cardboard or plastic boxes that are very durable under normal-use conditions, making them reusable. This allows you to purchase new or used triple-wall Gaylord boxes or double-wall Gaylord boxes. They are square, rectangular or octagon in shape, making them easy to stack and store.

There are a number of Gaylord boxes available, which can sometimes make it tough to decide which you need. Whether you’re looking for Gaylord boxes in Charlotte NC or Gaylord boxes in Cincinnati Ohio areas, SUPPLY POINTe can help you find just the right boxes for you.

Do you need single, double, triple, or even 5-wall Gaylord boxes?

The first step in deciding what kind of Gaylord boxes you need is to consider what you’re shipping. The size or volume of the material that will be placed within the box can dictate the level of strength you need — single-wall all the way up to five-wall. Stacking in a warehouse or in transit is also a vital consideration.

Also, whether and how the box is being shipped can help guide you toward your decision. If you are packing and shipping something of large volume, but with a lower weight, you might be able to employ used triple-walled Gaylord boxes, instead of new ones. Manufacturers who need Gaylord boxes in Cincinnati or Gaylord boxes in Charlotte can call SUPPLY POINTe for assistance in deciding the right size and thickness for them.

Do you need lids for your Gaylord boxes?

Not all Gaylord boxes are able to be closed, but instead vary in their top flap design. This allows manufacturers to decide which box is the most appropriate for them based on what they’re packing, how it’s being shipped and how it will be unpacked when it gets there.

For example, overlap slotted containers feature top flaps that slightly overlap when placed down, offering better security when glued or taped. Half-slotted containers do not have top flaps, and are often used as stationary bins used for garbage, recyclables and small part collection. Lids are available for half-slotted containers, if the need arises to stack or ship them.

Do you need plastic Gaylord boxes?

If a manufacturer produces something especially heavy, sharp or caustic, plastic Gaylord boxes — often called plastic bulk containers — are available for use. Plastic bulk containers are highly durable, eliminating the need for buying used triple-walled Gaylord boxes.

Plastic bins hold less moisture than cardboard Gaylord boxes, and many are also designed to offer ventilation, making them the choice for many produce distributors. These bins can last for years under normal-use conditions, making them a great value, whether purchased new or used.

SUPPLY POINTe can help you find Gaylord boxes in Cincinnati and Charlotte areas

We also offer gaylord box services in the Southeast and Midwest regions for the following states:


South Carolina





North Carolina

For advice and assistance in finding the best Gaylord boxes for your needs, contact the experts at SUPPLY POINTe. We will analyze your product requirements and shipping and storage needs, and make a recommendation for what to purchase.

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