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5 Benefits of Owning a SUPPLY POINTe Franchise

If you’re looking to step away from the corporate world and be your own boss, franchising may be your answer. However, the array of franchise industries and businesses available is vast and varied—as are the benefits. 

Motivated, goal-oriented people looking for a franchise that makes a difference in the world, affords work/life balance, and is based on a model built for recurring sales and repeat business often turn to SUPPLY POINTe. Here are five reasons why a SUPPLY POINTe franchise might be right for you:

  1. Help Solve the World’s Shipping and Logistics Issues

SUPPLY POINTe’s franchisees help food, water, and crucial medical supplies reach those who need them. We dedicate our careers to facilitating the movement of goods for businesses across a variety of sectors, which is the backbone of the global economy. Join our team of specialists who provide manufacturers and distributors with simple solutions for their shipping and packaging needs and help keep the world moving! 

  1. Set Your Own Schedule

Why be tied down to a typical 9-to-5 job when you can set your own schedule and create your own destiny? Owning a SUPPLY POINTe franchise allows you to make time for what’s most important to you and achieve the work/life balance you crave. 

For Mike Carrillo, this flexibility enticed him to trade in his job as a contractor working with special operations for a SUPPLY POINTe franchise in 2018. “I knew that franchising and owning a business would give me the time and financial freedom I needed to be home with my son. He’s 12 now, and he has no idea what it’s like to have parents who leave the house at 7 a.m. and don’t come home until 5 p.m.”

  1. Work from Home–Or Anywhere!

The rise of remote work has changed how employees value flexibility and work/life balance. A recent study revealed that when employees were given the option to work at least partly from home, 87% took their employers up on it. When you become a SUPPLY POINTe franchisee, you have total freedom to decide where you’d like to work. Do you want to rent an office space, work from home, or travel? As long as you have a phone and a laptop to communicate with customers and vendors, you can build your business from wherever works best for you. 

  1. Low Overhead

Delivering logistics and distribution solutions requires surprisingly little overhead, making it extremely cost-efficient. With a SUPPLY POINTe franchise, there’s no need for a storefront, supplies, machinery, inventory, or even other employees, allowing our owners to avoid the typical expenses of other franchise businesses. Though our franchisees may want to eventually hire employees or contractors to help them scale relationships between customers and vendors across multiple industries, it is not necessary at the outset.

  1. Recurring Revenue from Multiple Streams

SUPPLY POINTe functions in two trillion-dollar industries—transportation and industrial packaging—and our franchisees can leverage our extensive vendor network to find logistics solutions for their clients, including warehousing space, packaging materials, wood pallet recycling/removal, domestic and international freight services, and more. Our most successful franchisees become the main point of contact for their customers’ logistics, packing, and shipping needs, leading to multiple sources of recurring income. 

“We are putting deals together, we are putting programs in place for industrial America, and the beauty is, these are services that customers are using continually, and they’re trying to grow. We don’t just sell one product or one service; we sell multiple, so that means one account could be multiple streams of revenue,” says Adam Cahill, Owner of SUPPLY POINTe.

Are you ready to get into the booming logistics industry? The SUPPLY POINTe franchise opportunity is here for you! Click here to learn about next steps and take control of your future.

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