Who is the Ideal Franchisee? 

Owning a SUPPLY POINTe franchise means starting a new career in an exciting field. The shipping industry is booming, and our products and services keep our clients’ operations running smoothly. We look for several characteristics while assessing potential franchisees’ preparedness to operate one of our locations. However, it may be surprising to learn that expertise in the shipping industry is not required. Let’s take a closer look at what it takes to become a SUPPLY POINTe franchise owner.

Sales Experience

Sales experience is helpful when operating a SUPPLY POINTe franchise. As with many other businesses, success as a franchisee hinges on finding and retaining clients. SUPPLY POINTe offers guidance, but it’s often up to our owners to promote their services and build consumer interest in their area. Someone with experience developing leads, cold calling, or in sales might find these skills valuable as a new SUPPLY POINTe franchise owner.

People Skills

SUPPLY POINTe franchisees need to work well with others. Whether checking in with suppliers, ensuring customer satisfaction, or getting support from our team, they collaborate on projects regularly. SUPPLY POINTe franchise owners must be comfortable taking an active role in their business and developing interpersonal relationships.

Financial Preparedness

As with any new business, starting a SUPPLY POINTe franchise requires an investment. Starting at around $80,000, an investment in one of our franchises is significantly lower than most businesses. We can offer this opportunity at a lower investment price because our franchisees can run their businesses from their own home office. Also, many already have the tools they’ll need to get started, such as a suitable computer, printer, and fax machine. Still, we want to ensure that our franchisees are financially prepared to take on the task of opening a franchise.  We review candidates’ finances to ensure they’re well-prepared to start this new business venture.

Motivation and Dedication

At SUPPLY POINTe, we don’t require our franchisees to have experience in the shipping and logistics industry. We’ve developed a comprehensive training program designed to prepare franchisees to succeed in their new business. Although our business model makes growing a franchise hassle-free, franchisees must be enthusiastic about their new business and dedicated to mastering our policies and procedures. As with any new business, SUPPLY POINTe franchisees must put hard work into building their new business. They must also be willing to take the initiative to network. An individual who likes to go the extra mile to finish tasks efficiently would be a fantastic fit.

Who Are We Looking For?

SUPPLY POINTe franchise owners enjoy working within a protected territory. They develop new business relationships with targeted companies through services like transportation, shipping, pallet sales, waste removal, and packaging. Franchisees can achieve all of this from their own home. 

Our ideal candidate will have the following. 

  • Previous experience in salesmanship, lead development, and cold calling
  • Sufficient familiarity with business-to-business services
  • The ability to build trust with customers and vendors
  • A willingness to learn and follow the SUPPLY POINTe system of operation
  • An outgoing sales and service-oriented personality
  • A strong work ethic
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