The Advantage of Sales Experience

A career with SUPPLY POINTe is not just another sales position. 

Whether someone is in the market for a new job—or is looking to reboot their career—the SUPPLY POINTe logistics franchise is the perfect opportunity to combine skills, experience, and a desire for something new. Investing in a SUPPLY POINTe home business represents more than just a new job. It’s an opportunity to use the knowledge already gained—and our powerful industry connections—to build a brand new life.

Let’s examine how different types of sales experience can translate into a SUPPLY POINTe success story. 

Transportation Sales

Transportation sales professionals understand what it takes to move cargo from point A to point B, making them perfect candidates for a logistics franchise. We work with vendors to coordinate freight space, purchase pallets and shipping materials, and monitor shipments to ensure accurate and timely delivery. Transportation sales professionals will likely experience rapid growth with SUPPLY POINTe. 

Industrial Sales

Industrial sales professionals are often familiar with forklifts, cranes, conveyors, and other warehouse equipment. They have a solid understanding of logistics and equipment transportation. This knowledge will quickly transfer into a booming SUPPLY POINTe franchise location.  

Manufacturing Sales

In manufacturing sales jobs, professionals market a manufacturer’s products to wholesalers and retailers who want to purchase them. This means understanding the space and shipping requirements of both the manufacturer and the product recipient. People in these roles become acquainted with warehouse management, logistics, and some of the finer points of freight coordination. A SUPPLY POINTe logistics franchise could suit professionals with a background in manufacturing sales jobs.

Outside & Business-to-Business Sales

We love what we do with SUPPLY POINTe because we work with various companies as clients and vendors. That’s why professionals with experience in outside and business-to-business sales fit perfectly within our franchise business model. They can work directly with clients to secure the shipping supplies and services they need and have the skills to talk to vendors as an insider. They already understand how altering their communication style can be helpful in these situations. SUPPLY POINTe logistics franchise owners benefit from these communication skills.

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