We have impressive access to covered trailers and flatbeds in Cincinnati, Ohio and Charlotte, N.C. and can offer this service throughout the continental United States. And, our successes in this sector of the transportation industry have earned us second to none ratings when it comes to on time delivery services.


Covered trailers provide safe and secure solutions for all of your shipping needs. Whether you’re transporting sensitive food items, automotive equipment or textiles, covered trailers can fully protect your products from all weather conditions and potential road hazards. Climate control, lift gates and secure tie-down systems also ensure that your products are delivered on time and in good condition.


If using a flatbed trailer is the right transportation solution for you, not to worry, SUPPLY POINTe has you covered. Ideal for lumber, raw materials and construction equipment among others, flatbed trailers can offer your company inexpensive, expedited shipping services. Not only that, but flatbed trailers provide the ideal transportation method for your oversized and bulky goods. Using SUPPLY POINTe for your flatbed trailer needs also means quick and flexible access to a number of freight carriers, even on short notice.

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We know that your pallet needs are extensive. That’s why SUPPLY POINTe strives to meet each and every one of your obligations in a professional, efficient, and most importantly, timely manner. Your customers expect the best from your business — let SUPPLY POINTe help make that a reality.