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55 Gallon drums are stacked on pallets in warehouse

SUPPLY POINTe offers a massive inventory of 55-gallon drums that can be used to store and ship a variety of your liquid and powder products. From oils, fuels, chemicals and even hazardous liquids, our carbon steel, industrial drums are constructed with interior walls that are thicker than industry standards and provide better protection during handling and transport.


Our 55-gallon drums for sale also come with drum faucets and liquid level indicators that allow you to safely dispense contents and know the exact volume in each drum. If you need to keep stored liquids at higher temperatures, a drum heater can easily be installed around a drum to heat the contents.


Similar to our IBC program, SUPPLY POINTe also provides 55-gallon and steel drum recycling to all of our customers to give you a one-stop waste removal solution that is environmentally friendly, professional and free.


We carry a full line of new, used and reconditioned 55 gallon drums for sale. For a drum quote, fill out the Quote form on the right or give us a call today:

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