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Here at Supply PointE, we offer a wide variety of pallet services including buying, selling, removal and reconditioned wooden pallets and skids in the Indianapolis, IN area including:

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SUPPLY POINTe has become one of the largest pallet companies in Indianapolis, specializing in custom and heavy duty pallets for a variety of shipping needs. One of SUPPLY POINTe’s highest demands in Indianapolis is for heat-treated pallets that are specifically designed and optimized for international shipping. With more than 600 foreign-owned companies based in Indianapolis, international shipping is a high priority and that has positioned SUPPLY POINTe as a vital lifeline in the city.

Our selection of pallets include:
• Grade A, B and C pallets
• GMA 48×40 pallets
• Heat treated pallets for international shipping
• Wooden Pallets
• EURO Pallets
• Wooden Skids
• Recycled Pallets
• Used Pallets
• Pallet Runners
• Pallet Collars

We offer pallet services in the following cities in Indiana

Indianapolis, Richmond, Lawrenceburg, Brookville, Greensburg, Versailles, Aurora.

These are only a few of the many cities we offer pallets for sale. Give us a call today for a free pallet quote.

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