International shipping from Charlotte or any business in North Carolina shouldn’t be much tougher than sending a box across the U.S. Here at SUPPLY POINTe, we aim to make it almost as easy for our clients. We offer a full line of international shipping options, from ocean container import and export, to air freight and expedited service around North America.


International Shipping from Charlotte NC


Shipment Variety

Whether you’re shipping by land, air or sea, we can help coordinate moving your cargo in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. For our international shipping clients in Charlotte, we can arrange for full- container load or less-than-full container load shipments.


Comprehensive Shipping Services

For ocean import services, we provide customers with daily reports to provide the location and status of their shipments. For air import services, we will consistently monitor your shipment and update you to ensure on-time delivery. Let one of our dedicated project managers assist you with ongoing project cargo needs, and you’ll feel confident knowing you’ll have what you need, when you need it.


Specialized Shipping Needs

Our international shipping specialists can accommodate a number of special types of shipments. We have highly trained agents who specialize in hazmat packaging and we partner with nationally recognized brands to fulfill your hazmat delivery safely. We also provide licensed U.S. customs brokers who can help clear your shipment at any U.S. port. Headed to a trade show? We have expertise in the covering the logistics to get your materials where you need them.

There’s no better source than SUPPLY POINTe for your business’s complex shipping needs. Learn about all of our international shipping services available in the Charlotte area including all of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Virginia. Give SUPPLY POINTe a call today for a free international shipping quote at  (513) 403-4943

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