Historically when transportation experts referred to freight shipping, we were talking specifically about moving goods for commercial purposes via ships on waterways. These days, freight shipping simply refers to any kind of commercial shipping of bulk items. It can take place via land, sea or air, and no matter what’s being shipped or where it’s going, SUPPLY POINTe’s freight shipping specialists can help coordinate your shipment effectively and economically.

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What makes freight shipping different?

Freight shipping moves at a more conventional speed when compared with express shipping and the term typically refers to the movement of bulk goods from Point A to Point B. For this reason, freight shipping is almost synonymous with full truckload shipping.

Land freight shipping

Moving cargo across the country can be simple when you choose SUPPLY POINTe. Our freight shipping experts can broker FTL space to suit your needs, running a dedicated route straight from your location to wherever it needs to go in the United States, Canada or the world. Whether you need a standard freight shipment, temperature controlled containers, or any other shipping service, SUPPLY POINTe will find the shipping solution that’s right for you.

Ocean freight shipping

Let’s face it, it’s no small feat to move freight overseas from your location to international destinations, but SUPPLY POINTe’s ocean freight shipping specialists can coordinate full container-load and partial container-load spaces for your precious cargo. We’ll utilize ports that are the most efficient and economical for you, and provide you consistent updates of your shipment’s progress, so you’re always confident in knowing where your cargo is.

Air freight shipping

SUPPLY POINTe offers many services related to airfreight, coordinating global logistics so your critical and sensitive shipments arrive safely and on time. Call us today for a free quote on airfreight shipping.

Air Export

We pre-book all air export shipments to ensure you have a dedicated space, and your cargo is moved efficiently. We also provide you options by utilizing cargo and commercial carriers, allowing us to move more freight shipments in the quickest way possible. We also move all shipments “back-to-back”,providing quicker service to you by reducing or even eliminating lag time between shipping legs.

Air Import

If you’re bringing a product from overseas, it can be nerve-wracking to wonder about your freight shipment as it makes its way to you. SUPPLY POINTe provides expedited service for your critical shipment, so you don’t have to wait with worry for too long. As soon as the shipment departs from overseas, we’ll provide you notice, along with consistent updates throughout shipment to ensure on-time delivery to your location. We also freight ship out of Charlotte NC.

Supply Pointe can ship your freight out from any of the following states:

  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Georgia
  • Ohio
  • Indiana
  • Kentucky
  • Virginia
  • Tennessee

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