Matt Cahill and Adam Cahill

Matt Cahill – owner of SUPPLY POINTe Cincinnati, Ohio

Matt Cahill is the founder and managing member of SUPPLY POINTe and owner of SUPPLY POINTe in Cincinnati, Ohio, with more than 30 years of experience in freight transportation and various packaging solutions. Prior to opening SUPPLY POINTe, Matt spent 16 years at FedEx working with local, national and global clients, showcasing a knack for international sales while acquiring more than 1,500 hours of various sales and negotiation training. Matt also has training and experience in the corrugated industry including time with a Toronto-based operation. The net result is a seasoned professional who understands customer challenges and has the skill set and commitment to provide practical solutions and economical enhancements to the corporate world.

Adam Cahill – owner of SUPPLY POINTe Charlotte, North Carolina

Adam Cahill is owner of SUPPLY POINTe in Charlotte, North Carolina and the son of company founder Matt Cahill. Prior to joining the family business, Adam taught high school social studies and coached football, baseball and track. After watching his father establish SUPPLY POINTe for more than 10 years, Adam was fascinated by the relationships he’d developed and loved the idea of being a solutions provider to those customers. Adam was also attracted to the independence and expansion potential SUPPLY POINTe of the Carolinas could provide him and now takes immense pride in having a business and product all his own. By using the communication tools he developed as a teacher, Adam takes a deliberate approach to educate his clients about the benefits to using a one-stop, solutions provider for all of their logistic needs.

SUPPLY POINTeTM is the pallet expert

We know that your pallet needs are extensive. That’s why SUPPLY POINTe strives to meet each and every one of your obligations in a professional, efficient, and most importantly, timely manner. Your customers expect the best from your business — let SUPPLY POINTe help make that a reality.