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What does SUPPLY POINTe do?

SUPPLY POINTe provides logistical solutions in trucking, freight forwarding, pallet and packaging, waste removal and more through a convenient, one-stop program.

What kind of companies work with SUPPLY POINTe?

SUPPLY POINTe works with manufacturing and distribution companies that have a need for packaging and shipping solutions within a 200-mile radius of Cincinnati and Charlotte including the states of Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia.

Does SUPPLY POINTe remove hazardous materials?

SUPPLY POINTe can provide hazardous material removal that has met specific regulations that can be discussed with your SUPPLY POINTe agent.

How can a solutions provider like SUPPLY POINTe benefit my company?

If you have a product that needs to be packaged in corrugated, put on a pallet and shipped somewhere, SUPPLY POINTe can provide you a one-stop shop of expertise and convenience.

What transportation services are available through SUPPLY POINTe?

SUPPLY POINTe offers worry-free services for your international, domestic and intermodal import and export shipping needs. If you’ve had any issues with expenses, tracking, communication, coordinating, consolidating or shipping, SUPPLY POINTe is the solution you need.

What kind of manufacturing products does SUPPLY POINTe offer?

SUPPLY POINTe offers a range of packaging solutions including an extensive list of corrugated materials and one of the largest pallet supply programs in the industry.

How can I recycle unwanted waste?

SUPPLY POINTe offers environmentally-friendly waste removal services that address unwanted materials like old pallets, industrial containers, drums, cardboard, scrap metals and more, without the hassle or major expense of an in-house removal program.

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